Day 1: First Principle

What needs to be said?

I woke up just before midnight on January 1, 2015 with a burst of Get It Done: marching orders/opportunities from Universe. I love it when that happens. So here goes…

Day 1: the Principle. I Am. Womb.  The Word.  Potential.  Creation.

I have 3 different Tarot decks that I want to cultivate deeper relationship with so I decided to pray as I shuffle and draw a daily card from each one.  I may sometimes post the results.  The decks are the trusty Rider-Waite (furthermore referenced as RW), Thoth tarot and New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (NV).

Day 1: RW:  King of Swords

Thoth:  The Devil

NV: IIIV Possession

Reflections:  Today I paused at home, no big plans or big revelations until the last moments of the day.  I sat, thought, read, processed, released, played with hubby, cats and ate food made from leftovers.  Before writing this, I used the sudden burst of energy to light my ancestral incense and a candle for my father, who passed in 2014, soaked black eyed peas and organized the pantry.  Odd but productive.  Things I noticed on the King Of Swords were airiness, sitting as ruler, intellect and distance of the resolute.  Such a soft blue covered by red.  So much sky.  Birds in the distance that I can hear. The smile of the Goat on the Devil card in the Thoth deck, horns reaching tall and proudly up in a widespread V, no fear, merely choice against being who you once were or a different choice and not repeating the past covered in dusty cobwebs.  Webs are supposed to be temporary things. Possession is a dynamic card in the NU deck and is an 8.  I just read a friends post about it being an 8 year!  Possession felt more about allowing myself to be in Possession of mySelf rather than an outside force pulling the strings.

Happy New Year, Beauties.  May 2015 be a delight.



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