Reluctantly Weaving in a New Way

What needs to be said?

An introduction perhaps.  Who is Reluctant Spider?

I have been working my whole life to get here not unlike my ancestors have labored for years to present me with this moment.  It may have felt tedious sometimes, often confusing and definitely not proceeding in a straight line with a clear goals visible on the horizon.

I am a Witch of African American descent.  I live in St Louis, MO.  I am coming out the other side of my Saturn Return.

I am actually pretty private and sometimes shy.  But I have discovered that my voice serves better than my consistent silence.  So, in honesty I come forward hesitantly, reluctantly, in hopes to help weave new bridges in honest conversation.  In an attempt to hold to this ideal, I ask the part of myself that is Divine the question “What needs to be said?” and then welcome the words that should best come through me in this time and place.

Let’s see where the next thread will fall.  I invite yours as well, in respect, love and the hope of building more personal truths.  As a dear friend has shown me, there is power in vulnerability.

May it be so.  Ashe,  Beauties.


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